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Update docs to reflect current API for Google provider.

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Warren Turkal authored
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23 docs/overview.rst
@@ -45,16 +45,29 @@ Velruse looks like this:
Using in a Pyramid App
+.. code-block:: python
-Attempt login by visiting:
+ config.include('')
+ config.add_google_login(realm='')
+You can get the login url with :func:`velruse.api.login_url` like so:
+.. code-block:: python
+ login_url(request, 'google')
+In this case, the login url handler will be at
+ Go to that url to login via the Google
+.. warning::
+ In order to get working code examples, you will probably need to change the
+ realm to something sensible. Maybe "localhost" would work for testing.
Using Separate App as a Service
.. _RPXNow:
28 docs/providers.rst
@@ -113,6 +113,10 @@ Complete Example:
Google (
+.. warning::
+ This provider currently doesn't support OAuth 2.0 workflow.
Google provides both basic OpenID using Attribute Exchange 2.0, as well
as a OpenID+OAuth hybrid that authenticates a user and completes OAuth
authentication to provide API access to Google services.
@@ -133,17 +137,23 @@ Google Developer Links:
-The Google provider requires that an OpenID provider configuration be
-present in your configuration file in order to provide the ``Realm``
-and ``Store`` configuration values.
+The Google provider requires that an OpenID provider requires at least a
+realm to be provided. The realm must be a containing namespace for the callback
+.. code-block:: python
+ config.include('')
+ config.add_google_login(realm='')
-The following are only required if using the OAuth hybrid:
+Other useful params for add_google_login:
- The consumer key, e.g. ``
- Consumer secret as specified
+* consumer_key: OAuth 1.0 key
+* consumer_secret: OAuth 1.0 secret
+* scope: OAuth 1.0 scope
+* login_path: path for login handler (default: /login/google)
+* callback_path: path for callback handler (default: /login/google/callback)
+* name: Unique identifier for this provider (default: google)
.. warning::
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