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USE THE UPSTREAM GIT REPO INSTEAD or here Mirror of CERN's ROOT svn repository, updates are run hourly. master branch is svn trunk. Branch branches/dev is suppossed to be a set of branches instead of folders, but you can still find the branches in branches/dev and patch branch…
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Improve patch paths.

git-svn-id: 27541ba8-7e3a-0410-8455-c3a389f83636
latest commit 798c605621
axel authored
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README typo in name.
bindings From Mattias Mellert (#100973):
build Update to clang/llvm r179269 (llvm vendor branch r49215):
cmake From Pere:
config From Lifeng Sun:
core Update cling's patches to be relative to its LastKnownGood.
doc git-svn-id: 27541ba8-7e3a-0…
docbook Found a way to have the references to figures working for html, pdf a…
etc From Lifeng Sun:
fonts Changes to improve the mapping between off file and PDF/PS fonts
geom Fix for initialization from navigator when the top volume is pointed
graf2d Update to clang/llvm r179269 (llvm vendor branch r49215):
graf3d From Pere:
gui Fix bug #101060: Editor not preserving MathText
hist fix a bug in using option "d" in projection, when there is not an exi…
html From Lifeng Sun:
icons Add rotation cursor.
interpreter Improve patch paths.
io Import revision 49281 from the v5-34-00 patch branch:
js/JSRootIO - Add icons for several types of objects (canvas, histo, graph, ...)
macros Quit ROOT when the browser gets closed.
main fix warnings reported by the latest Apple LLVM 4.2 clang++ (based
man/man1 From Lifeng Sun:
math fix test error message
misc From Lifeng Sun:
montecarlo fix for bug
net From Lifeng Sun:
proof From B.Butler and M.Swiatlowski: fix possible crash in submerger mode…
roofit Make X3DDefs.h a private header
rootx From Florian and Pere:
sql From Pere:
test Make STLDict errors more verbose.
tmva fix in Tools the statistics information. thanks to Swagato Banerjee
tree correct ROOT prompt in generated code examples.
tutorials update tutorial
CMakeLists.txt From Pere:
LICENSE Put ROOT under the LGPL.
Makefile Add missing dependency
configure minumum python version required now >= 2.5 (required by latest LLVM).
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