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;;; This file is part of the Emacs Dev Kit
(defun recentf-ido-find-file ()
"Find a recent file using ido."
(let ((file (ido-completing-read "Choose recent file: " recentf-list nil t)))
(when file
(find-file file))))
(defun swap-windows ()
"If you have 2 windows, it swaps them."
(cond ((/= (count-windows) 2)
(message "You need exactly 2 windows to do this."))
(let* ((w1 (first (window-list)))
(w2 (second (window-list)))
(b1 (window-buffer w1))
(b2 (window-buffer w2))
(s1 (window-start w1))
(s2 (window-start w2)))
(set-window-buffer w1 b2)
(set-window-buffer w2 b1)
(set-window-start w1 s2)
(set-window-start w2 s1))))
(other-window 1))
(provide 'navigation-utils)
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