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Perspective is a minor mode that provides the ability to manage different workspaces. If you need to open many projects at the same time, perspective can help you keep each project related buffers and windows setting separate from other projects, similar to multiple spaces on MacOS, which allows you to focus on the files of the current active project.

A picture says a thousand words. See below screenshot to get a concrete idea.

Only current project related files showing in minibuffer when I call ido-switch-buffer, and an indicator in mode line tells me which project that I'm in.

Persp-Projectile Screenshot 1

When I switch to a different project, I get a clean 'perspective'.

Persp-Projectile Screenshot 2

To integrate perspective with Projectile, first of all, you need to install perspective. You can install it by:

M-x package-install

Alternatively, users of Debian 9 or later or Ubuntu 16.04 or later can apt-get install elpa-persp-projectile.

Then type perspective in the minibuffer, as below:

Install package: perspective

Secondly, make sure persp-projectile.el is in your Emacs load path. Then require it in your init file.

(require 'persp-projectile)

You're ready to go! Try the interactive command projectile-persp-switch-project, or you may also bind it to some handy keybinding.

(define-key projectile-mode-map (kbd "s-s") 'projectile-persp-switch-project)


Projectile integration for perspective.el



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