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commit 897ee155af95f3a46a81008c6c20378a2b6910a4 1 parent 93c06fa
Kevin R. Barnes authored July 03, 2012

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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ difficult. It's this process that separates you from truly taking
12 12
 advantage of Emacs's power. I like to refer to this process as the
13 13
 **Prelude**. **Prelude** has the goal to ease the initial Emacs setup
14 14
 process and to provide you with a much more powerful and productive
-experience than that you get out of the box. By using **Prelude**
+experience than you get out of the box. By using **Prelude**
16 16
 you're basically getting a "Get me out of the Prelude, I just want to
17 17
 use Emacs" card.
18 18

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