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"Package assoc is obsolete!" #143

bixuanzju opened this Issue · 11 comments

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I find in Messages buffer "Package assoc is obsolete!". What does that mean? are there any problems with my config?


When do you see that message? Is it during initialization or later on?


Every time I start it, I then switch to the message buffer to see if everything is working right. So then I see "Package assoc is obsolete" in the buffer...But anyway, so far it has no obvious impact on me. I am just curious...


I can see the same message, it appears in the very end, after initialization.

Prelude is powering up... Be patient, Master _4e6!
Warning: ad-Orig-kill-region called with 3 arguments, but accepts only 2
Loading /home/_4e6/.emacs.d/recentf...done
Cleaning up the recentf list...done (0 removed)
Warning: ad-Orig-kill-region called with 3 arguments, but accepts only 2
[yas] Loaded /home/_4e6/.emacs.d/elpa/yasnippet-20120422/snippets
[yas] Loaded ~/.emacs.d/snippets
[yas] Loaded /home/_4e6/.emacs.d/snippets/
[yas] Reloaded everything....
Loading /home/_4e6/.emacs.d/personal/auctex.el (source)...done
Loading /home/_4e6/.emacs.d/personal/ensime.el (source)...done
Loading /home/_4e6/.emacs.d/personal/jade-mode.el (source)...done
Loading /home/_4e6/.emacs.d/personal/tuareg-mode.el (source)...done
Prelude is ready to do thy bidding, Master _4e6!
Starting Emacs daemon.
Package assoc is obsolete!
When done with this frame, type C-x 5 0

It's probably just a deprecation warning in Emacs. I'll investigate it further.


FWIW: I can reproduce with

emacs --quick --eval "(require 'url)"

using GNU Emacs HEAD in OSX

in my case i found it comes from the 'url package being required by

(require 'auto-install)

which in turn calls

(require 'url)

indeed, the file assoc.el is found in


one way of not getting such warnings is given in


I don't recall the use of auto-install anywhere in Prelude.


Yep, I imagined that package.el might be involved :-) Anyways - nothing we can do about that, Emacs's maintainers will probably update the affected packages soon enough.


I have no recall of using package.el However the problematic package indeed stop my full .emacs from being loaded completely.
I narrow the problem down to the line:
(setq org-log-done t
org-agenda-files (list "~/org/
If I remove that line it works although I have some other functions that rely on "assoc" but now it is just a warning.

If assoc is no longer there, do we have a replacement for it that you know?

Thanks in advance


That worked! Thank you @malcook

@bbatsov bbatsov closed this
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