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aisbaa commented Sep 24, 2012


I wonder **is there a way to list additional packages to be installed on emacs startup?**This is related to issue #105.

I've created personal/packages.el file with such code:

;; My packages
(setq prelude-packages (append '(redo+
                                 ) prelude-packages))

;; Install my packages

But problem with this method is that redo+ is required in personal/keys.el file, which is loaded before.

I'd also like a proper solution to this :)

knopki commented Sep 25, 2012

Files are loaded in alphabetical order. You can rename personal/packages.el to something like personal/00-packages.el.

aisbaa commented Sep 25, 2012

Feels fragile, but it would do the trick, thank you (bow).


bbatsov commented Dec 16, 2012

I'd suggest the use of the recently added function prelude-ensure-module-deps. It works like this:

(prelude-ensure-module-deps '(redo+ evil-numbers etc))

You simply need to put it before any code relying on the presence of the required packages.

bbatsov closed this Dec 16, 2012

Great addition, thanks!

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