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Look into http://gabrielelanaro.github.com/emacs-for-python/ for useful ideas for python mode

gleber commented Feb 24, 2012

I'm working on improve python support in my branch https://github.com/gleber/emacs-prelude/tree/improve-python (which is heavily inspired by @stienn's fork).

It integrates pymacs, ropemacs and python-mode instead of python.el. I'll take a look at other ideas in "emacs-for-python" as seems it has many more features there. Currently the problems is that pymacs and ropemacs does not have good packages at Marmalade/ELPA - they are not self-contained and need manual installation. I wanted to, first, work with their authors to provide good packages in repository and then integrate it with emacs-prelude. Of course we don't have to wait for it and put everything in "vendor", but I find this solution ugly.

Bozhidar, comments?

pcn commented Feb 25, 2012

Emacs-for-python is modular. You can pick-and-choose the bits that you want. If you avoid ropemacs and pymacs you'll still have a great python mode with snippets, good autocompletion, etc.

If you can't include all of its features, have you thought about not taking over ~/.emacs.d and instead being more contained so that your package can co-exist with emacs-for-python? I like some of the ideas here, but not having emacs-for-python is going to make this a non-starter (for mem at least).

gleber commented Feb 26, 2012

I've finished packaging pymacs as ELPA package. It's author will review it soon hopefully.

Packaging rope/ropemacs/ropemode into ELPA packages is tricky, since they are mostly python code. I'm not sure how to properly do it - probably some "stub" .el file has to be put into package.

Generally all those feature should be packaged as ELPA packages, so anyone could easily reuse them, mix and match them according to own preferences. Emacs-prelude does a good work here, since it promotes packages as much as possible. Emacs-for-python should move in similar direction too. And one day, hopefully, both Emacs-prelude and Emacs-for-python won't be needed, since everything will be properly packaged and installed with few keystrokes :)

pcn commented Feb 29, 2012

Can you add wrap-region to the list of packages? I've gotten used to using it via emacs-for-python.

bbatsov commented Jun 14, 2012

Any progress here?

gleber commented Jun 19, 2012

Not really. I've switched mostly to non-python project now and I don't have a need for improving my Python setup at the moment, so I forgot about this.

Pymacs author has rejected my simple patch for ELPA packaging, since he wants to provide a proper setup mechanisms for both Emacs and Python sides. His arguments are explained in 2.2 of http://pymacs.progiciels-bpi.ca/index.html

pcn commented Jun 19, 2012

It seems like he's saying that he is interested in emacs packaging, though. What kind of rejection was it? Was there a specific change that he wanted done?

Very interested in seeing this come to fruition. Progress? Need help?

bbatsov commented Sep 2, 2012

Feel free to lend a hand. I've no stake in Python development and too little spare time to pursue this task myself.

@bbatsov bbatsov closed this Dec 8, 2012

I plan to work on this during the winter holiday break (end of this month).

bbatsov commented Dec 13, 2012

Glad to hear that.


On Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 4:19 PM, Jesse Johnson wrote:

I plan to work on this during the winter holiday break (end of this month).

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