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Correct link, spelling, and markup in Readme #290

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Just some minor corrections to the Readme file.

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Commits on Mar 31, 2013
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@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ extensions to keybindings.
Keybinding | Description
<kbd>C-M-h</kbd> | Kill the previous word(`backward-kill-word`). (as in Bash/Zsh)
-<kbd>C-x \</kbd> | `align-regexp`
+<kbd>C-x \\</kbd> | `align-regexp`
<kbd>C-+</kbd> | Increase font size(`text-scale-increase`).
<kbd>C--</kbd> | Decrease font size(`text-scale-decrease`).
<kbd>C-x O</kbd> | Go back to previous window (the inverse of `other-window` (`C-x o`)).
@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ Keybinding | Description
<kbd>C-x M-m</kbd> | Start your default shell.
<kbd>C-x C-m</kbd> | Alias for `M-x`.
<kbd>C-h A</kbd> | Run `apropos` (search in all Emacs symbols).
-<kbd>M-\</kbd> | Run `hippie-expand` (a replacement for the default `dabbrev-expand`).
+<kbd>M-\\</kbd> | Run `hippie-expand` (a replacement for the default `dabbrev-expand`).
<kbd>C-x C-b</kbd> | Open `ibuffer` (a replacement for the default `buffer-list`).
<kbd>F12</kbd> | Toggle the Emacs menu bar.
<kbd>C-x g</kbd> | Open Magit's status buffer.
@@ -213,8 +213,8 @@ Keybinding | Description
<kbd>C-S-up</kbd> | Move the current line up.
<kbd>C-S-down</kbd> | Move the current line down.
<kbd>C-c n</kbd> | Fix indentation in buffer and strip whitespace.
-<kbd>C-c f</kbd> | Open recently visitted file.
-<kbd>C-M-\</kbd> | Indent region (if selected) or the entire buffer.
+<kbd>C-c f</kbd> | Open recently visited file.
+<kbd>C-M-\\</kbd> | Indent region (if selected) or the entire buffer.
<kbd>C-c u</kbd> | Open URL in your default browser.
<kbd>C-c e</kbd> | Eval a bit of Emacs Lisp code and replace it with its result.
<kbd>C-c s</kbd> | Swap two active windows.
@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ Keybinding | Description
#### Projectile
-Here's a list of functionality provided by [Projectile](
+Here's a list of functionality provided by [Projectile](
Keybinding | Description
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