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@bbatsov bbatsov released this Feb 6, 2020 · 83 commits to master since this release

New features

  • #972: Add toggle for project read only mode: projectile-toggle-project-read-only.
  • New interactive command projectile-run-ielm.
  • Add crystal project type.
  • #850: Make it possible to prompt for a project, when you're not in a project, instead of raising an error. (see projectile-require-project-root).
  • #1147: Introduce a new indexing method called hybrid which behaves like the old alien.
  • #896 Add commands projectile-previous-project-buffer and
    projectile-next-project-buffer to switch to other buffer in the project.
  • #1016: Add a new defcustom (projectile-current-project-on-switch) controlling what to do with the current project on switch.
  • #1233: Add a new defcustom (projectile-kill-buffers-filter) controlling which buffers are killed by projectile-kill-buffers.
  • #1279: Add command projectile-repeat-last-command to re-execute the last external command in a project.


  • (Breaking) #1147: Remove any post-processing from the alien indexing method.
  • Specify project path for projectile-regenerate-tags.
  • Handle files with special characters in projectile-get-other-files.
  • #1260: ignored-*-p: Now they match against regular expressions.
  • (Breaking) Remove the default prefix key (C-c p) for Projectile. Users now have to pick one themselves.
  • Deprecate projectile-keymap-prefix.
  • Avoid "No projects needed to be removed." messages in global mode.
  • #1278: Add default test-suffix to npm project.
  • #1285: Add default test-suffix to Python projects.
  • #1285: Add support for Pipenv-managed Python projects.
  • #1232: Stop evaluating code dynamically in the mode-line and switch to a simpler scheme where the mode-line is updated just once using find-file-hook.
  • Make the mode line configurable via projectile-dynamic-mode-line and projectile-mode-line-function.
  • #1205: Check that project directory exists when switching projects.
  • Move Projectile's menu out of the "Tools" menu.
  • [API] (Breaking) Stop raising errors from projectile-project-root if not invoked within a project. Now it will simply return nil. Use it together with projectile-ensure-project to emulate the old behavior.

Bugs fixed

  • #1315: Give preference to the project types that were registered last.
  • #1367: Fix the Makefile so that we can compile projectile - use make.
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