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@bbatsov bbatsov released this Feb 6, 2020 · 7 commits to master since this release

New features

  • #1486 Allow projectile-run-shell/eshell/term/vterm/ielm to start extra processes if invoked with the prefix argument.
  • New command projectile-run-vterm (x v in projectile-command-map).
  • Add related-files-fn option to use custom function to find test/impl/other files.
  • #1019: Jump to a test named the same way but in a different directory.
  • #982: Add heuristic for projectile-find-matching-test.
  • Support a list of functions for related-files-fn options and helper functions.
  • #1405: Add Bloop Scala build server project detection.
  • #1418: The presence of a go.mod file implies a go project.
  • #1419: When possible, use fd instead
    of find to list the files of a non-VCS project. This should be much faster.

Bugs fixed

  • #97: Respect .projectile ignores which are paths to files and patterns when using projectile-grep.
  • #1391: A .cabal sub-directory is no longer considered project indicator.
  • #1385: Update projectile-replace for Emacs 27.
  • #1432: Support .NET project.
  • #1270: Fix running commands that don't have a default value.
  • #1475: Fix directories being ignored with hybrid mode despite being explicitly unignored.
  • #1482: Run a seperate grep buffer per project root.
  • #1488: Fix projectile-find-file-in-directory when in a subdir of projectile-project-root.
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