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Merge pull request #96 from proofit404/company-mode

Add company-mode scrollbar faces.
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bbatsov committed Jan 26, 2014
2 parents 28cdc68 + c4bdd3c commit 84bf7581a986d0b873440fa6d0d166defcc461f0
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@@ -492,6 +492,8 @@ customize the resulting theme."
`(company-tooltip-mouse ((,class (:background ,cyan-hc :foreground ,cyan-lc))))
`(company-tooltip-common ((,class (:foreground ,base1 :underline t))))
`(company-tooltip-common-selection ((,class (:foreground ,base1 :underline t))))
+ `(company-scrollbar-fg ((,class (:foreground ,base03 :background ,base0))))
+ `(company-scrollbar-bg ((,class (:background ,base02 :foreground ,cyan))))
`(company-preview ((,class (:background ,base02 :foreground ,cyan))))
`(company-preview-common ((,class (:foreground ,base1 :underline t))))

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