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Use Solarized color names.

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1 parent 16d9e40 commit b4b3b6ca4edd91fa7d5ec33910b2377cb434be16 @thomasf thomasf committed Jan 4, 2014
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@@ -96,19 +96,19 @@ When optional argument CHILDTHEME function is supplied it's invoked to further
customize the resulting theme."
(let* ((class '((class color) (min-colors 89)))
;; Solarized palette
- (base03 "#002b36")
- (base02 "#073642")
+ (s-base03 "#002b36")
+ (s-base02 "#073642")
;; emphasized content
- (base01 "#586e75")
+ (s-base01 "#586e75")
;; primary content
- (base00 "#657b83")
- (base0 "#839496")
+ (s-base00 "#657b83")
+ (s-base0 "#839496")
;; comments
- (base1 "#93a1a1")
+ (s-base1 "#93a1a1")
;; background highlight light
- (base2 "#eee8d5")
+ (s-base2 "#eee8d5")
;; background light
- (base3 "#fdf6e3")
+ (s-base3 "#fdf6e3")
;; Solarized accented colors
(yellow "#b58900")
@@ -140,16 +140,26 @@ customize the resulting theme."
(green-l "#B4C342")
;; Light/Dark adaptive solarized colors
- (solarized-fg (if (eq variant 'light) base00 base0))
- (solarized-bg (if (eq variant 'light) base3 base03))
- (solarized-hl (if (eq variant 'light) base2 base02))
- (solarized-emph (if (eq variant 'light) base01 base1))
- (solarized-comments (if (eq variant 'light) base1 base01))
+ (solarized-fg (if (eq variant 'light) s-base00 s-base0))
+ (solarized-bg (if (eq variant 'light) s-base3 s-base03))
+ (solarized-hl (if (eq variant 'light) s-base2 s-base02))
+ (solarized-emph (if (eq variant 'light) s-base01 s-base1))
+ (solarized-comments (if (eq variant 'light) s-base1 s-base01))
;; Light/Dark adaptive higher/lower contrast accented colors
;; Only use these in exceptional cirmumstances!
- (solarized-fg-hc (if (eq variant 'light) base3 base03))
- (solarized-fg-lc (if (eq variant 'light) base03 base3))
+ (solarized-fg-hc (if (eq variant 'light) s-base3 s-base03))
+ (solarized-fg-lc (if (eq variant 'light) s-base03 s-base3))
+ ;; Solarized palette names instead of -fg -bg which can be more confusing.
+ (base0 (if (eq variant 'light) s-base00 s-base0))
+ (base00 (if (eq variant 'light) s-base0 s-base00))
+ (base1 (if (eq variant 'light) s-base01 s-base1))
+ (base01 (if (eq variant 'light) s-base1 s-base01))
+ (base2 (if (eq variant 'light) s-base02 s-base2))
+ (base02 (if (eq variant 'light) s-base2 s-base02))
+ (base3 (if (eq variant 'light) s-base03 s-base3))
+ (base03 (if (eq variant 'light) s-base3 s-base03))
(yellow-hc (if (eq variant 'light) yellow-d yellow-l))
(yellow-lc (if (eq variant 'light) yellow-l yellow-d))

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