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set magit-item-highlight

Otherwise, switching from zenburn leaves it as zenburn-bg+1.
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1 parent 9fd07d7 commit f5d0220ffb7cdc2b0a1b1d1872a3a0ab933dbc38 @hdhoang hdhoang committed Oct 23, 2012
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@@ -435,6 +435,7 @@
;; magit
`(magit-section-title ((,class (:foreground ,yellow :weight bold))))
`(magit-branch ((,class (:foreground ,orange :weight bold))))
+ `(magit-item-highlight ((,class (:background ,solarized-hl))))
`(magit-log-graph ((,class (:foreground ,solarized-comments))))
`(magit-log-head-label-bisect-bad ((,class (:background ,red-hc :foreground ,red-lc :box 1))))
`(magit-log-head-label-bisect-good ((,class (:background ,green-hc :foreground ,green-lc

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