This an installer specifically made to allow for easy and proper installation of BEC into Epoch Servers on any map.
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UEP BEC Installer v1.1.exe

Unified Epoch Project BattlEye Extended Controller Installer

This an installer specifically made to allow for easy and proper installation of BEC into Epoch Servers on any map. This installer is officially no longer supported as BEC the software it installs is no longer in a working state with no change in the near future.

The addition of the source code has been provided by this project to allow the community to update it as BEC developes. The source has some features based on future project goals that have methods but are not called until future development is complete.

Table of Contents:


  1. Auto downloads newest BattlEye Extended Controller and installs it into server.

  2. Fully Supports All Dayz Epoch Maps

  3. Supports GUI dialouge options for user to configure settings

  4. Comes with a pre set up scheduler that will auto restart server every 3 hours

Installer Instructions

  1. Click Download Zip on the right sidebar of this Github page.

  2. Extract the zip file from your downloads folder with winrar or 7zip

    7zip Downlaod Page or Winrar Download Page

  3. Copy the installer into your server folder, then double click on the installer you just copied over in your server folder.

  4. Enter in all the information required by the dialogue options, then sit back and enjoy.

Error Reporting

  1. Before you try to contact me or try to submit an issue please re-read the installation instructions to make sure that is not something you missed or didn't do correctly. If you are sure that you did it right please post inside of the dayz epoch forum or my youtube page in which I originally listed this project and I will respond to your issue as quickly as possible.

  2. If it is found that your problem is indeed a bug an issue will be created on my github repo for that particular release which will highly detail the problem and give you a place to check on the progress of a patch. When a patch is made for that bug the issue will list the update and close the issue. After this has happend the patch will be live for you to download.

Terms Of Use

  1. This installer is not allowed to be redistributed by any means and is property of the Unified Epoch Project