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@bbbradsmith bbbradsmith released this Mar 20, 2019

NSFPlay 2.4 beta 18

This is a preview release with changes intended for the upcoming 2.4 release.

For information about the NSF2 format see:

Changes in this beta since 2.3:

  • Fixed incorrect bytes per second in stereo WAV output.
  • Fixed NSFe track title display when using playlist.
  • Fixed crash issue with 1MB NSF files. (Bank counting was incorrect.)
  • Default NTSC speed changed from 16640 to 16639. (Slightly more accurate to hardware.)
  • More bits of precision on fade-out, creates smoother fade.
  • 48000Hz is the new default samplerate.
  • Fixed keyboard view wave string bias on N163/FDS.
  • Fixed frequency rounding for triangle/noise/DMC in keyboard display.
  • Fixed intermittent crash with Winamp starting up with NSF in playlist.
  • Fixed FDS mod table bit-mask and wavetable read address. (Minor.)
  • Fixed broken playback rate for rates < 28 Hz.
  • NSFe RATE chunk implemented.
  • NSFe regn chunk implemented, including full Dendy support.
  • NSFe mixe chunk implemented.
  • NSFe taut, psfx chunk implemented.
  • Drag and drop will now acknowledge a failed load with a pop-up alert.
  • Migrate to VS2017.
  • IRQ support.
  • Play now runs at next opportunity rather than always at the start of frame, similar to poll based players like PowerPak.
  • Other expansions with FDS automatically disables FDS RAM writes, and FDS banking for $6000-7FFF.
  • Full NSF2 implementation. (non-returning INIT, suppress play, IRQ, NSFe metadata.)
  • Removed non-functional filters, compressors, etc. from the audio chain.
  • Removed per-channel quality settings, created a single master quality setting.
  • DPCM byte read now correctly takes 2 cycles.
  • Improved NES CPU vs APU/audio synchronization (controlled by quality setting).
  • Better error messages for files that can't be loaded.
  • Fixed broken seek, and restored the "fask seek" option. (Seeks as if quality=1, normally OK.)
  • If in_yansf.ini can't be found or created next to in_yansf.dll, will try to save settings to %AppData%\NSFPlay\ instead.
  • N163 compatbility options for phase write protect and limited wavelength. (Supports old NSFs that are not hardware accurate.)
  • Option to randomize starting triangle phase.
  • NSFe VRC7 chunk implemented, provisional support for YM2413 variant.
  • VRC7 patch set dump by Nuke.YKT.
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