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I have tried this sample in which publisher.html works fine , but i am not be able to connect client.html. every time it just disconnects.

for me its little strange as without any jabber id how can client.html will connect to the server

Config.XMPP_SERVER + '/pubsub',

can anyone please tell me how to make it work client.html


I was having the same problem...the reason is that in that ejabberd must be configured to work with anonymous connections...
modify the file ~/ejabberd/conf/ejabberd.conf
{auth_method, internal}. should be
{auth_method, [internal, anonymous]}.

&& they also changed this line but I'm not 100% if it is completely necessary

{access, muc_create, [{allow, local}]}. should be
{access, muc_create, [{allow, all}]}.


@bbcrd you should make a note in the about needing to modify the config file to allow anonymous connections.

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