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Audio Definition Model handling library
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This library is deprecated!

Please use libadm in any future implementations.

Additionally, you may be interested in libear for ADM rendering, and libbw64 for handling BW64 files - a file format which supports ADM.


Audio Definition Model handling library


bbcat-base -

bbcat-dsp -

jsoncpp -

Files - simple autotools script - configure configuration for autotools
CMakeLists.txt - CMake configuration
COPYING - information on copying this library
debian/ - Debian control and version information - Doxygen automake file
doxygen.cfg - Doxygen configuration
m4 - folder for autotools - makefile for automake
README - this file
src/ - source folder containing C/C++ source and header files

src/ADMData.cpp                         | Base class for ADM data handlers
src/ADMData.h                           |

src/ADMObjects.cpp                      | Individual component ADM objects
src/ADMObjects.h                        |

src/ADMSubObjects.cpp                   | Objects representing complex ADM elements
src/ADMSubObjects.h                     |

src/CMakeLists.txt                      | CMake configuration for source files

src/                         | Makefile for automake

src/ADMXMLGenerator.cpp                 | A simple XML generator for ADM data
src/ADMXMLGenerator.h                   |

src/AudioObjectCursor.h                 | A cursor that tracks channel parameter changes over time

src/AudioObjectParameters.cpp           | A set of parameters describing a channel's audio attributes (such as position, size, diffuseness, gain and importance)
src/AudioObjectParameters.h             |

src/XMLValue.cpp                        | A simple XML value/attribute/value with attribute class
src/XMLValue.h                          |

src/register.cpp                        | Registration function (see below)

Initialising the Library (IMPORTANT!)

Compilers are clever and try to remove unused code whilst linking applications. However, sometimes they are too clever and remove some code that appears not to be used but is. Uses of the SelfRegisteringParametricObject class may particularly suffer from this as it appears as though nothing is using the code.

To stop this, each library includes a register.cpp file which explicitly calls a set of initilisation and registration functions. This file also calls the registration functions of any libraries it is dependant upon.

For this to work, any application must call the registration function of most dependant library it uses.

For example, for an application using only this library:

#include <bbcat-adm/register.h>

using namespace bbcat;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  // ensure libraries are set up

register.cpp is included in repo but will be updated by the script bbcat-common/ if autotools is used. The CMake process is also capable of autogenerating this file if the original in the source directory does not exist.

Building on Windows (Visual Studio)

Follow the installation instructions for bbcat-base (

Use git-bash to change to the directory where the libraries are to be cloned to

Clone source code, if necessary: git clone

cd bbcat-adm
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" .. && cmake --build . --target INSTALL --config Release

(or whatever version of Visual Studio you are using)

Notes on Windows builds

As there is no standardised directories for cmake files, libraries, etc. the build assumes that:

  1. Library includes, libs and shared files will be stored in c:\local\bbcat
  2. CMake configuration files will be stored in c:\local\cmake

Building on Mac and Linux

There are two build mechanisms supported: autotools and cmake


./ && configure && make && sudo make install


mkdir build ; cd build ; cmake .. && make && sudo make install

##Building without cmake or autotools

Using the libraries with other build environments is possible, simply throw the files into the build environment BUT certain defines must be set to enable features.

bbcat-adm uses the following defines:

ENABLE_JSON=1 		 - enables json support
OLD_JSON_CPP  		 - define if old version of jsoncpp (version 0.6.0, for example) used
_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 - enable 64-bit file operations
INSTALL_PREFIX=...   - locations of installation (e.g. /usr/local, c:/local, etc)
USE_PTHREADS         - define if using pthreads rather than std::thread

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