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bbc/gel Technical Guides


This repository holds the source for the documentation that explains the BBC GEL Technical Guides: the result of running this project is to produce the static HTML-based website found at

Notice that there is no library or framework here, we're just documentation all the way down.


We love contributors. If you have an idea for how to make an improvement, let us know by creating an issue to discuss your idea. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the process of creating a pull-request in GitHub before proceeding.

Raising an issue is a great way to contribute! Let us know if you spotted anything that can be fixed or improved or if you have an idea for a change. You don't need to have any special software or developer skillz to raise an issue or make a suggestion, just pop onto our public GitHub website and let us know!

If you do want to work with our source files, you will need to have the git commandline tool (or the GitHub Desktop client) installed. With git you can clone our repository onto your own computer and get hacking! This project's files are roughly organised into source files and generated documentation files. As authors we work in the Markdown-formatted files in the /_content folder.

Running the build scripts, described below, will then generate the corresponding web pages in the /docs folder. Use git to commit and create a pull request. We'll take it from there!



$ node -v
$ npm -v
  • Global sass binary installed: Like npm i sass -g
$ sass --version
  1.34.1 compiled with dart2js 2.13.1
  • Global uglifyjs binary installed: Like npm i uglify-js -g
$ uglifyjs --version
  uglify-js 3.11.6
  • Global gulp binary installed: Like npm i gulp -g
$ gulp --version
  CLI version: 2.3.0

To install:

$ git clone
$ cd gel
$ npm install
$ npm link


  • npm run watch

This will use gulp to watch and compile files, and serve the docs folder on localhost while reloading the browser automatically.


To generate the HTML output into the project docs folder, using the markdown from the project src folder, run this command...

  • npm run html

To make updates to the generated CSS files from the scss source...

  • npm run sass

If you have added new JS files to the project, you may include them in the main.js file...

  • npm run js

Or, if you're feeling like you want it all, try this...

  • npm run build


This is only an example:


It's just HTML, so you only need to open up a web browser :-)

If you're trying to preview the site running off of your desktop, you can run the serve script:

From the project base directory...

  • npm run serve

Then navigate to the resulting server address like http://localhost:3000/components/hello-world (or using whatever hostname and port is appropriate).


The code in this repository is used to generate our documentation and is unlicenced. The generated documentation itself is published at and is licenced under the Open Government Licence, unless otherwise noted.