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Turing codec

The turing codec (see is a software HEVC codec

The code is published under the GPL version 2 licence. Commercial support and intellectual property rights for the Turing codec are also available under a proprietary license. For more information, contact us at info @

Building for the first time

If any problems are discovered during this process, please edit the project's file to change or improve these instructions. This way, others will not have to suffer the same issues.

First, clone the code from GitHub:

git clone
cd turingcodec
git checkout {stable|develop}

Microsoft Windows (with Visual Studio 2015)


  • CMake for Windows (version 3.4.1 used when writing these instructions).

Building the project executable

  • Open CMake for Windows
  • Set "Where is the source code" as the folder containing this file
  • Set "Where to build the binaries" to any new folder location you prefer
  • Click 'Configure' and select the Win64 configuration for Visual Studio 2015
  • Click 'Generate'
  • Project file "Turing.sln" should be emitted into the new build folder location - open this in Visual Studio and build either as Debug or `Release




Run the following commands to install necessary tools and libraries:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git-core
sudo apt-get install g++
sudo apt-get install make

Make a local clone of this repository and cd to its root folder.

Build and test

mkdir -p build/debug build/release
cd build/release
cmake ../../

Build the Turing codec executable:



Source code for the Turing codec, an HEVC software encoder optimised for fast encoding of large resolution video content




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