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Embedding python editor in the site

From a mobile app webview

Load the editor with the URL parameter ?mobileApp=1.

The app needs to subscribe to the following window 'onMessage' events:

  • iOS:
  • Android:

Using an iframe

  title="Embed python editor"
  src="http://url/pointing/to/editor?controller=1" />

To enable embed editor messaging between window and iframe query param "controller=1" should be provided.

For receiving editor's messages you need to subscribe to window event "onMessage".

window.addEventListener("message", handleMessageReceive);

where 'handleMessageReceive' is (meesage received from editor)

function(event: MessageEvent) {
  const data: EditorMessageData =
  # where data is EditorMessageData
  # EditorMessageData described bellow

For sending messages to editor use:


where EditorMessageData is the following (optional keys will depend on the action type):

  type: "pyeditor"
  action: MessageAction # see supported actions
  project?: string      # value is python code
  projects?: string[]   # value python code []
  filename?: string     # value is file name
  filestring?: string   # value is file data

Supported Actions

  • workspacesync - Used to sync initial data between parent window and iframe window. Used to receive and send messages (see example bellow).
  • workspaceloaded - Notifies controller 'workspacesync' was successful and the editor is fully configured/sync
  • workspacesave - Sends the editor code to the controller, configured to do this periodically when the code changes
  • importproject - Controller sends code to load into the editor
  • loadhex - Controller sends a hex file to load into the editor
  • loadfile - Controller sends a python file to load into the editor
  • loadfile - Controller sends a python file to load into the editor
  • savefile - Editor sends a python file to the controller
  • flashhex - Editor sends a hex file to the controller
  • mobilemode - Change the editor configuration for the mobile apps UX

More info can be found in the CONTROLLER_MESSAGING object in the js/editor-controller.js source file.

How synchronize parent window data with embed editor data. For ex. set initial code

# when action 'workspacesync' received
# we should send back data object with extra property 'projects' where we set initial code.

document.querySelector('iframe').contentWindow.postMessage({, # where 'data' is received 'data' object from event
  projects: new Array("# initial code")

When the synchronisation is done we should receive a message with action 'workspaceloaded'.

To update the code inside the editor send:

  type: "pyeditor"
  action: "importproject"
  project: "# initial code"