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A simple Ruby implementation of a Circular Buffer
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A circular buffer, cyclic buffer or ring buffer is a data structure that uses a single, fixed-size buffer as if it were connected end-to-end. This structure lends itself easily to buffering data streams. This library impliments such a buffer.


gem install cbuffer

** Usage

require 'cbuffer'

a = 5 => <CBuffer @size=5> 
a.put 1 => false 
a.put 2 => false 
a.put "Duncan" => false 
a.put 999 => false 
a.get => 1 
a.get => 2 
a.get => "Duncan" 
a.put "xxx" => false 
a.get => 999


  • threading support
  • fetch items by index
  • view onto items


  • Fork the project
  • Send a pull request
  • Don't touch the .gemspec, I'll do that when I release a new version
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