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A little parser for Wikipedia's "On This Day" block
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On This Day

A simple ruby parser for Wikipedia's “On this day” box on the (english-language) homepage.


Install the gem

gem install onthisday

Then fetch the current news items

@onthisday =
items = @onthisday.items

Items have text

items.first.text #=> "French Revolution: Meeting on a tennis court near the Palace of Versailles, members of France's Third Estate took the Tennis Court Oath, pledging not to separate until a new constitution was established."

A year

items.first.year #=> 1789

And associated topics (other related wikipedia pages)

items.first.topics #=> ['French_Revolution', 'Palace_of_Versailles', 'Estates_of_the_realm', 'Tennis_Court_Oath', 'Constitution']
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