React Native Starter Kit with Redux, Saga, ESLint, Babel and Firebase[Optional] 😎
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React Native Starter Kit with Redux, Saga, Firebase

A starter boilerplate for a mobile app using React Native and Redux.


Before start, make sure you installed:


  • React Native: Development Environment
  • React Native Router Flux: JS based navigator for React Native
  • Redux: A predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • Redux-Saga: An alternative side effect model for Redux apps
  • Firebase: Realtime Database
  • ESLint: Pluggable linting utility for JavaScript
  • Babel: The compiler for writing next generation JavaScript
  • Flow: A Static Type Checker for JavaScript

How to run?

Clone the repo and install packages.

$ git clone ReactNativeBoilerplate
$ cd ReactNativeBoilerplate
$ npm install
$ cd ios && pod install

Run Android Project.

$ react-native run-android

Run iOS Project.

$ react-native run-ios

Clean cache

$ npm run clean


Do you have any concern to run this project?  Please feel free to contact me!


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details