GPS track recording web app for Firefox OS… and mobile browsers in general.
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FirefoxOS GeoTracker

A general purpose GPS track recording web app, complete with track statistics and GPX exporting.

One of the goals is to give it an OpenStreetMap twist, by providing an easy way to add pre-formated/tagged marker along the track, to make it usable as an OSM mapping tool.

Think of it as a cross between My Tracks by Google and OSM Tracker, two Android applications.

Test it!


screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3

Why FirefoxOS?

The first version of this app was rush-coded for the FirefoxOS hackathon at Mozilla Paris, 06/09/2013, where I won the first place with it!! \o/

This hackathon was meant to demonstrate the feasability of "real-life" apps using only HTML5/JS/CSS technologies, which is the way FirefoxOS apps are made. As such, this application is really just a website per se, and should work not only on FirefoxOS, but also on any other device with a decent browser and a GPS (Android, iPhone, etc.). Please note though that some FirefoxOS-specific features may not be available, but the core functionnality (track recording and GPX export) is working.