Leaflet plugin to enable the rotation of map marker icons
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Leaflet Rotated Marker

Enables rotation of marker icons in Leaflet. Demo

Compatible with versions 0.7.* and 1.* of Leaflet. Doesn't work on IE < 9.

npm install leaflet-rotatedmarker


L.marker([48.8631169, 2.3708919], {
    rotationAngle: 45


It simply extends the L.Marker class with two new options:

Option Type Default Description
rotationAngle Number 0 Rotation angle, in degrees, clockwise.
rotationOrigin String 'bottom center' The rotation center, as a transform-origin CSS rule.

and two new methods:

Method Returns Description
setRotationAngle(newAngle) this Sets the rotation angle value.
setRotationOrigin(newOrigin) this Sets the rotation origin value.

The default rotationOrigin value will rotate around the bottom center point, corresponding to the "tip" of the marker for most commonly used icons. If your marker icon has no tip, or you want to rotate around its center, use center center.


On purpose, it doesn't rotate marker icon shadows. Mainly because there is no way to make it look good with the perspective of classic, pin type shadows (anyway, these shadows are so 2005, right?).

So just disable icon shadows, or use simple ones which will work for all marker angles.