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NANO/BANANO Work/Callback/Distributed POW Middleware (Betsy) v2.0

What is Betsy?

Middleware for banano/nano applications and nodes.

Why would I use this?

Here's some of the possible use cases

  • You want to use distributed pow v3, but you don't want to change any application code.
  • You want to use distributed pow v3, but you also want to use other work peers at the same time
  • You want to precache work for accounts without using distributed pow
  • You want to forward the nano/banano node callback to multiple services
  • You want to use any combination of distributed pow and work peers, but you don't want things to collapse when they are unavailable

Setup and Dependencies

Betsy requires python 3.6 or newer. Recommended operation is to use a virtualenv for all of the project dependencies.

# git clone
# cd betsy-middleware
# virtualenv -p python3.6 venv
# ./venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt


You can run ./venv/bin/python --help for all options.

Betsy is configured using arguments.

Argument Description
--host Host for betsy to listen on (default:
--port Port for betsy to listen on (default: 5555)
--node-url URL of the local node for work_generate fallback If not specified, then will disable local node fallback. (optional, example: [::1]:7072)
--log-file Where betsy will output logging data to (default: /tmp/betsy.log)
--work-urls Work peer list, separated by spaces (NOT distributed pow) (optional, example: '`
--callbacks APIs to forward the node callback to (optional, example: '`
--precache Enable work precaching for work peers, excludes BoomPoW
--debug Enable debug mode (more verbose logging)

If I wanted to:

  • Run on port 4545
  • Enable work fallback to my nano node which has RPC on [::1]:7076
  • Use the work peers and
  • Forward callbacks to
  • And enable work precaching

I would use the arguments as: --port 4545 --node-url [::1]:7076 --work-urls --callbacks --precache

Setting up with BoomPow v2 (BPoW)

You can use betsy with BANANO's PoW service as well (BoomPow). You just need to add the key to the environment.


You can also add it to a file .env

If you intend to use BoomPow with a NANO service!

You need to also start betsy with the option --bpow-nano-difficulty

Setting the node callback to point to betsy

If you want to use precaching or callback forwarding, betsy needs to receive callbacks. You can do this by editing the NanoData/config.json file as follows:

"callback_address": "",
"callback_port": "5555",
"callback_target": "/callback",

callback_address and callback_port are the same as the --host and --port options you choose when you run betsy.

Getting work from Betsy

Betsy does all the complicated stuff behind the scenes, all you need to do is post a standard work_generate request.

curl -g -d '{"action":"work_generate", "hash":"ECCB8CB65CD3106EDA8CE9AA893FEAD497A91BCA903890CBD7A5C59F06AB9113"}' ''

You can also use betsy as a work_peer in the NanoData/config.json

work_peers: [

Running as systemd service

1.) Create file /etc/systemd/system/betsy.service

Description=Betsy - Nano Middleware

ExecStart=/path/to/betsy/venv/bin/python --host --port 5555 --work-urls --callbacks --precache


2.) Enable and start

sudo systemctl enable betsy
sudo systemctl start betsy


Betsy - NANO/BANANO POW precacher, distributor, & callback forwarder







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