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If you are using trac and you want to display ticket changes on Campfire here is a handy hack plugin.

Here is a juicy screenshot demonstrating how it looks like.

If you’d rather use IRC instead of Campfire you might want to try out the handy irccat which is notoriously used by the development teams instead. This Campfire plugin is actually only a slight change from the irccat trac plugin.


So here’s the gist. You will need to install Pinder, a Campfire listener written in Python. It should be as easy as:

$ easy_install pinder

Then download or git clone the Campfire trac listener plugin on github.

You will need to have setuptools installed. (To install setuptools, download the bootstrap module and execute: $ python

Next, go to the campfire-trac-listener directory that you’ve just created with your git clone and run python ./ install.

If this installs successfully, you are ready to begin configuration.


Put the following into your trac.ini file:

prefix = Project Name (Typically)
path = /projects/project
trachost =
subdomain = campfire_subdomain
apitoken = yourCampfireAPIToken
roomid = RoomID

You can find your room ID at the tail end of the URL when you are in your chat room.

Add the following to the [components] section:

campfirelistener.* = enabled

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