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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Author: Bob Belderbos / written: Dec 2012
# Purpose: have an interactive github cli search app
import re, sys, urllib, pprint
# import html2text # -- to use local version
class GithubSearch:
""" This is a command line wrapper around Github's Advanced Search """
def __init__(self):
""" Setup variables """
self.searchTerm = ""
self.scripts = []
def show_menu(self):
""" Show a menu to interactively use this program """
prompt = """
(N)ew search
(S)how more context (github script)
Enter choice: """
while True:
chosen = False
while not chosen:
choice = raw_input(prompt).strip().lower()
except (EOFError, KeyboardInterrupt):
choice = 'q'
sys.exit("Not a valid option")
print '\nYou picked: [%s]' % choice
if choice not in 'nsq':
print "This is an invalid option, try again"
chosen = True
if choice == 'q': sys.exit("Goodbye!")
if choice == 'n': self.new_search()
if choice == 's': self.show_script_context()
def new_search(self):
""" Take the input field info for the advanced git search """
# reset script url tracking list and counter
self.scripts = []
self.counter = 0
# take user input to define the search
self.searchTerm = raw_input("Enter search term: ").strip().lower().replace(" ", "+")
sys.exit("Error handling this search term, exiting ...")
lang = raw_input("Filter on programming language (press Enter to include all): ").strip().lower()
prompt = "Number of search pages to process (default = 3): "
numSearchPages = int(raw_input(prompt).strip()[0])
numSearchPages = 3
# get the search results
for page in range(1,numSearchPages+1):
results = self.get_search_results(page, lang)
for result in results[1].split("##"): # each search result is divided by ##
def get_search_results(self, page, lang):
""" Query github's advanced search and re.split for the relevant piece of info
RFE: have a branch to use html2text local copy if present, vs. remote if not """
githubSearchUrl = ""
searchUrl = urllib.quote_plus("%s%s&p=%s&ref=searchbar&type=Code&l=%s" % \
(githubSearchUrl, self.searchTerm, page, lang))
html2textUrl = ""
queryUrl = html2textUrl+searchUrl
html = urllib.urlopen(queryUrl).read()
return re.split(r"seconds\)|## Breakdown", html)
def parse_search_result(self, result):
""" Process the search results, also store each script URL in a list for reference """
lines = result.split("\n")
source = "".join(lines[0:2])
pattern = re.compile(r".*\((.*?)\)\s+\((.*?)\).*")
m = pattern.match(source)
if m != None:
self.counter += 1
url = "" %"tree/", "")
lang =
self.print_banner(lang, url)
self.scripts.append(url) # keep track of script links
for line in lines[2:]:
# ignore pagination markup
if "" in line or "https://git" in line or "[Next" in line: continue
if line.strip() == "": continue
print line
def print_banner(self, lang, url):
""" Print the script, lang, etc. in a clearly formatted way """
print "\n" + "+" * 125
print "(%i) %s / src: %s" % (self.counter, lang, url)
def show_script_context(self, script_num=""):
""" Another menu option to show more context from the github script
surrounding or leading up to the search term """
if len(self.scripts) == 0:
print "There are no search results yet, so cannot show any scripts yet."
return False
script_num = int(raw_input("Enter search result number: ").strip())
script = self.scripts[script_num-1] # list starts with index 0 = 1 less than counter
a = urllib.urlopen(script)
if a.getcode() != 200:
print "The requested script did not give a 200 return code"
return False
lines = a.readlines()
if len(lines) == 0:
print "Did not get content back from script, maybe it is gone?"
return False
num_context_lines = 8
print "\nExtracting more context for search term <%s> ..." % self.searchTerm
print "Showing %i lines before and after the match in the original script hosted here:\n%s\n" % \
(num_context_lines, script)
for i, line in enumerate(lines):
if self.searchTerm.lower() in line.lower():
print "\n... %s found at line %i ..." % (self.searchTerm, i)
j = i - num_context_lines
for x in lines[i-num_context_lines : i+num_context_lines]:
if self.searchTerm.lower() in x.lower():
print "%i ---> %s" % (j, x), # makes the match stand out
print "%i %s" % (j, x),
j += 1
### instant
github = GithubSearch()
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