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from pprint import pprint as pp
from read_json import read_json
LIST_NAMES = ("topselling_free", "topselling_paid", "movers_shakers",
"topgrossing", "topselling_new_free", "topselling_new_paid", )
def get_ranking(package_json, country, list_name):
data = read_json(package_json)
for r in data["ranks"]:
if r["country"] == country and r["list_name"] == list_name:
return r["positions"]
def count_top_position(ranking):
days_top = 0
for day in ranking:
if day["position"] and day["position"] == 1:
days_top += 1
return days_top
if __name__ == "__main__":
for co in ("ES", "US", "AU", "NL"):
print "\n" + co
for p in ("com.facebook.katana", "com.nianticlabs.pokemongo", "" ):
print "\n-" + p
for ln in LIST_NAMES:
inp = p + "_rank.json"
ranking = get_ranking(package_json=inp, country=co, list_name=ln)
if ranking:
print ln + " => " + str(count_top_position(ranking))