A very simple AUR helper written in python 3
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A very simple AUR helper written in python 3

`usage: aurora [-h] [-n] [-a] [-c] [-d DOWNLOAD_DIR] [-S SEARCH_STRING] [-U] [-G GRAB_STRING] [-e]

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -n, --noauto Disable auto-install of built packages -a, --as-root Allow building as root. Aurora will drop rootpriveledges and run as uid 99 -c, --autoclean Enables cleaning of the download directory when building is completed. Note that currently this script simply deletes the download directory -d DOWNLOAD_DIR, --directory DOWNLOAD_DIR Change the download directory. Default is /tmp/aurora for -S and current working directory for -G -S SEARCH_STRING, --search SEARCH_STRING Search for, select, and install packages -U, --upgrade Upgrade all AUR packages. -G GRAB_STRING, --grab GRAB_STRING Grab the PKGBUILD and suporting files, then exit -e, --edit Enables auto-editing of the the PKGBUILD based on the user's $EDITOR variable`


  • Rework arg parsing to not suck.
  • Maybe start wrapping simple pacman commands?
  • Simple package recursion (When package is not found in pacman - search AUR for it)