ImageMonkey is an attempt to create a free, public open source image dataset.
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Because training a ML model is easy - finding a good image dataset is hard.

ImageMonkey is a free, public open source image validation service. With all the great machine learning frameworks available it's pretty easy to train pre-trained Machine Learning models with your own image dataset. However, in order to do so you need a lot of images. And that's usually the point where it get's tricky. You either have to create the training images yourself or scrape them together from various datasources. ImageMonkey aims to solve this problem, by providing a platform where users can drop their photos, tag them with a label, and put them into public domain.

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  • Qt 5.9.1

Build instructions

  • clone repository
  • make sure that _EXECUTIONTARGET_ in file is set to PRODUCTION (if you want to use the instance).
  • run qmake and deploy to Android/iOs