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Extra themes for IceWM (too large to include in IceWM distribution).


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Package icewm-extra-themes-1.2 was released under GPLv2 license 2019-09-10.

This is a set of extra themes for IceWM that were too numerous to include in the base IceWM release. The purpose is to provide an adequate replacement for the Debian icewm-themes package and to act as a source of themes for distro maintainers of IceWM to select from when building and installing IceWM.


This is the icewm-extra-themes-1.2 package, released 2019-09-10. This release, and the latest version, can be obtained from the GitHub repository, using a command such as:

$> git clone

Please see the NEWS file for release notes and history of user visible changes for the current version, and the ChangeLog file for a more detailed history of implementation changes. The TODO file lists features not yet implemented and other outstanding items.

Please see the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

When working from git(1), please use this file. An abbreviated installation procedure that works for most applications appears below.

This release is published under GPLv2. Please see the license in the file COPYING. (Please note that the license applies to the collection. Each individual theme has its own licensing conditions included in its own subdirectory.)

Quick Start

The quickest and easiest way to get icewm-extra-themes up and running is to run the following commands:

$> git clone
$> cd icewm-extra-themes
$> ./
$> ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
$> make V=0
$> make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install

This will configure, compile and install icewm-extra-themes the quickest. For those who would like to spend the extra 15 seconds reading the output of ./configure --help, some compile options can be turned on and off before the build.

For general information on GNU's ./configure, see the file INSTALL.


Report problems at GitHub here.