Dock applet to provide a system tray.
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                                wmsystray README

 1. About wmsystray
 2. Installing wmsystray
 3. System requirements
 4. License/Copyright Information
 5. Development Information
 A. Footnotes

About wmsystray

wmsystray is meant to be used as a Window Maker dock applet. wmsystray provides
a notification area, or "system tray", in a manner compliant with's System Tray Protocol Specification[1]. This allows wmsystray
to serve as a system tray area for recent GNOME and KDE applications, and
should work for applications from GNOME 2.x and later or KDE 3.x and later.

wmsystray is written and maintained by
Matthew Reppert <>

wmsystray's homepage is at <>.

Installing wmsystray

To build wmsystray from source, just type "make" in the top source directory
(the same directory this file is in). You may need to change the defines in
Rules.make to match your system; for example, X11 might not be in /usr/X11R6
(it is on most GNU/Linux systems). You will need the XFree86-devel package
(or xlibs-devel, or whatever package provides files like
/usr/X11R6/include/Xlib.h) to compile on package-managed systems like Debian
and Mandrake.

Binary packages (namely, rpms and debs) of wmsystray are provided as a
convenience on the download page.

System requirements

wmsystray needs X11 (obviously). Future versions of wmsystray may optionally
use the SHAPE extension if it's present. Currently, wmsystray is targeted to
work best under Window Maker as a dock app, though it will actually run fine
regardless of what window manager you use. It just may look a little out of

Liscense/Copyright Information

wmsystray is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. No other
version of the GPL is valid.

Development Information

wmsystray is developed using GNU Arch. For more information, including the
location of wmsystray's central arch repository, please see the file HACKING.


  However, to support most interesting functionality, system trays also need
  to implement the "server" side of XEMBED, and really should know about
  the Extended Window Manager Hints specification, or EMWH, also knows as

  EMWH -