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Gaellerie installation

To install Gaellerie, do the following steps:

$ git clone git://
$ cd Gaellerie
$ git submodule update --init
$ mkvirtualenv -a `pwd` Gaellerie
(Gaellerie) $ cd .dev/submodules/blatter/
(Gaellerie) $ python develop
(Gaellerie) $ cd -
(Gaellerie) $ blatter serve
(Gaellerie) $ firefox http://localhost:8008/

To generate the static website in the _out/ directory, just launch command:

(Gaellerie) $ blatter blat


To be able to build the css stylesheets base on twitter bootstrap and bootswatch, you need to install a developement environment as explained below.

You first need to have a working installation of nodejs so that lessc compiler can work. An easy way to install node is to use the python nodeenv package:

$ mkvirtualenv nodejs
(nodejs) $ pip install nodeenv
(nodejs) $ nodeenv nodeenv
(nodejs) $ deactivate
$ source nodeenv/bin/activate
(nodeenv) $ cd /path/to/Gaellerie/.dev
(nodeenv) $ ./
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