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captain-rum uses boomerang (by @bluemoon
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captain-rum uses boomerang, a JavaScript library (by @bluemoon) that measures the page load time experienced by real users, commonly called RUM. You can find more about this handy and excellent tool here

This git repo includes some useful files to help you get startet with collecting boomerang data. Based on one of @bluemoon's suggestions to track data via beacon.gif by fetching the GET webserver method, I added some very basic and simple scripts that could be used.



/boomerang: All boomerang files needed, referenced by boomerang.include.html


Snipped of code that can be used to be plugged into your page


  • Shell script to kick off the finding of all beacon.gif GETS from apache access files into a consolidated log file. Log file will then be parsed by to export into csv
  • Perl script to parse and export data into comma-separated file (csv)
  • crontab.txt: Sample installation of the cron to start captain-rum
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