My Neovim Config. Should also work for Vim, but no promises :)
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My Neovim Config. Should also work for Vim, but no promises :)

TODO: check out


  • Back up old config
mv "$HOME/.config/nvim" "$HOME/.config/nvim.$(date +%Y-%m-%d)"
  • Clone the repository
mkdir -p "$HOME/.config"
git clone "$HOME/.config/nvim"

Vim Extra Steps

  • Backup ~/.vimrc and ~/.vim/
mv ~/.vimrc ~/.vimrc.$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
mv ~/.vim ~/.vim.$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
  • Create symlinks
ln -s ~/.config/nvim/init.vim ~/.vimrc
ln -s ~/.config/nvim/ ~/.vim

Install Plugins

  • Start editor
nvim # or `vim`
  • Restart editor
nvim # or `vim`
  • Install Plugins

Install IDE components

TODO: update this (I've removed a decent amount of this)

These are needed for nvim-completion-manager and Neomake.

With Anaconda

Anaconda is the preferred method to install these because they can be easily uninstalled by deleting the conda environment. See my blog post.

cd ~/.config/nvim
conda env create -f environment-<platform>.yaml

Without Anaconda (system Python)

/usr/bin/python3 -m pip install --user neovim jedi psutil setproctitle

Windows (Experimental)

  • Install Neovim according to the wiki.
  • Clone this repo into $env:USERPROFILE/.config/nvim
  • Make a symlink from $env:$USERPROFILE/.config/nvim to $env:USERPROFILE\AppData\Local\nvim. I used a PowerShell Script and the following command, but mklink has got to be easier.
New-SymLink -Path "C:\Users\Ben\.config\nvim" -Symname C:\Users\Ben\AppData\Local\nvim -Directory -Verbose
  • Manually save plug.vim to $env:USERPROFILE/.config/nvim/autoload/plug.vim. (:InstallVimPlug isn't working yet for Windows).

  • Install Plugins


Vim QuickInstall

Just the basic ~/.vimrc- no plugins or anything

curl > ~/.vimrc

Vim-commentary is one plugin I feel like I can't do without. Manually install it with:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/plugin
curl -o ~/.vim/plugin/commentary.vim

TODO: this can all be done in one curl command