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@bblanchon bblanchon released this Mar 1, 2019 · 7 commits to 6.x since this release

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Special note ⚠️

ArduinoJson 6 requires updating code written for version 5.
See the migration guide for details.

Changes since 6.9.0

  • Fixed warning "unused variable" with GCC 4.4 (issue #912)
  • Fixed warning "cast increases required alignment" (issue #914)
  • Fixed warning "conversion may alter value" (issue #914)
  • Fixed naming conflict with "CAPACITY" (issue #839)
  • Muted warning "will change in GCC 7.1" (issue #914)
  • Added a clear error message for StaticJsonBuffer and DynamicJsonBuffer
  • Marked ArduinoJson.h as a "system header"

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How to install

There are several ways to install ArduinoJson, from simpler to more complex:

  1. Use the Arduino Library Manager
  2. Download ArduinoJson-v6.9.1.h put it in your project folder
  3. Download and extract it in you libraries folder

Note: ArduinoJson-v6.9.1.h are ArduinoJson-v6.9.1.hpp are almost identical; the difference is that the .hpp keeps everything in the ArduinoJson namespace.

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