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Pre-compiled binaries of PDFium

This project hosts pre-compiled binaries of the PDFium library.

See Releases page to download binaries.

Download links

Here are the download links for latest release:

Platform Release build Debug build
Windows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit

How too use in a CMake project

  1. Unzip one of more variants in a folder (eg C:\Libraries\pdfium)

  2. Set the environment variable PDFium_DIR to this folder (eg C:\Libraries\pdfium)

  3. In your CMakeLists.txt, add

  4. Then link you excecutable with PDFium

     target_link_libraries(my_exe pdfium)
  5. On Windows, make sure that pdfium.dll can be found by your executable.

This project isn't affilated with Google nor Foxit.

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