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PDFium binaries

Pre-compiled binaries of PDFium

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This project hosts pre-compiled binaries of the PDFium library, an open-source library for PDF manipulation and rendering.

Builds have been triggered automatically every Monday since 2017.

Disclaimer: This project isn't affiliated with Google or Foxit.


Here are the download links for latest release:

Android arm pdfium-android-arm.tgz pdfium-v8-android-arm.tgz
arm64 pdfium-android-arm64.tgz pdfium-v8-android-arm64.tgz
x64 pdfium-android-x64.tgz pdfium-v8-android-x64.tgz
x86 pdfium-android-x86.tgz pdfium-v8-android-x86.tgz
iOS arm64 pdfium-ios-arm64.tgz pdfium-v8-ios-arm64.tgz
x64 pdfium-ios-x64.tgz pdfium-v8-ios-x64.tgz
Linux arm pdfium-linux-arm.tgz pdfium-v8-linux-arm.tgz
arm64 pdfium-linux-arm64.tgz pdfium-v8-linux-arm64.tgz
x64 pdfium-linux-x64.tgz pdfium-v8-linux-x64.tgz
x86 pdfium-linux-x86.tgz pdfium-v8-linux-x86.tgz
arm64 pdfium-linux-musl-arm64.tgz pdfium-v8-linux-musl-arm64.tgz
x64 pdfium-linux-musl-x64.tgz pdfium-v8-linux-musl-x64.tgz
x86 pdfium-linux-musl-x86.tgz pdfium-v8-linux-musl-x86.tgz
macOS arm64 pdfium-mac-arm64.tgz pdfium-v8-mac-arm64.tgz
x64 pdfium-mac-x64.tgz pdfium-v8-mac-x64.tgz
univ pdfium-mac-univ.tgz pdfium-v8-mac-univ.tgz
Windows arm64 pdfium-win-arm64.tgz pdfium-v8-win-arm64.tgz
x64 pdfium-win-x64.tgz pdfium-v8-win-x64.tgz
x86 pdfium-win-x86.tgz pdfium-v8-win-x86.tgz
WebAssembly1 pdfium-wasm.tgz not supported

1: WebAssembly build is experimental; please provide feedback.

See the Releases page to download older versions of PDFium.

NuGet Packages

The following NuGet packages are available:

OS PDFium PDFium V8
All (meta package) bblanchon.PDFium bblanchon.PDFiumV8
Android bblanchon.PDFium.Android bblanchon.PDFiumV8.Android
iOS bblanchon.PDFium.iOS bblanchon.PDFiumV8.iOS
Linux bblanchon.PDFium.Linux bblanchon.PDFiumV8.Linux
macOS bblanchon.PDFium.macOS bblanchon.PDFiumV8.macOS
Windows bblanchon.PDFium.Win32 bblanchon.PDFiumV8.Win32
WebAssembly1 bblanchon.PDFium.WebAssembly not supported

1: WebAssembly build is experimental; please provide feedback.

I can provide packages for your favorite package manager, but I need help from someone who knows the format. Contact me via GitHub issues if you want to help.


PDFium API documentation

Please find the documentation of the PDFium API on

How to use PDFium in a CMake project

  1. Unzip the downloaded package in a folder (e.g., C:\Libraries\pdfium)

  2. Set the environment variable PDFium_DIR to this folder (e.g., C:\Libraries\pdfium)

  3. In your CMakeLists.txt, add

  4. Then link your executable with PDFium:

     target_link_libraries(my_exe pdfium)
  5. On Windows, make sure that pdfium.dll can be found by your executable (copy it on the same folder, or put it on the PATH).

Related projects

The following projects use (or recommend using) our PDFium builds:

Name Language Description
dart_pdf Dart PDF creation module for dart/flutter
DtronixPdf C# PDF viewer and editor toolset
go-pdfium Go Go wrapper around PDFium with helper functions for various methods like image rendering and text extraction
libvips C A performant image processing library
PDFium RS Rust Rust wrapper around PDFium
PDFiumCore C# .NET Standard P/Invoke bindings for PDFium
PdfiumLib Pascal An interface to libpdfium for Delphi
PdfLibCore C# A fast PDF editing and reading library for modern .NET Core applications
PDFtoImage C# .NET library to render PDF content into images
PDFtoZPL C# A .NET library to convert PDF files (and bitmaps) into Zebra Programming Language code
PDFx Dart Flutter Render & show PDF documents on Web, MacOs 10.11+, Android 5.0+, iOS and Windows
PyPDFium2 Python Python bindings to PDFium
Spacedrive Rust/TS Cross-platform file manager, powered by a virtual distributed filesystem
wxPDFView C++ wxWidgets components to display PDF content

Did we miss a project? Please open a PR!


Username Contributions
Benoit Blanchon @bblanchon Main contributor
Christoffer Green @ChristofferGreen Linux ARM build
Jeroen Bobbeldijk @jerbob92 Musl build
WebAssembly build
mara004 @mara004 Conda packages
Frequent help with many aspects of the project
David Sungaila @sungaila NuGet packages
Tobias Taschner @TcT2k macOS build
V8 build