errors not notified on the authreqissuer of the SP #1

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I'm testing as an IdP for my local SP running on a VM.

I testedand was redirected to my SP's URL : https://vm2.localdomain/plugins/authwebid/?error=nocert
although the IdP was accessed with

I'd suspect a bug here, as I'd expect the errors or success being notified to the callback provided via authreqissuer.

Thanks in advance.


bblfish commented Aug 30, 2011

Thanks for reporting this.

Did you click the "Test" tab at the top, to see if there is a problem with your certificate or foaf file?

Yes, there was : the modulus was missing somehow from the RDF, thanks for the suggestion.


bblfish commented Aug 31, 2011

Ah cool. Exactly what that test suite is designed for. :-) That's something we are working on improving in the WebID XG btw, so that machines can test endpoints using the machine readable test suite.

bblfish closed this Aug 31, 2011

olberger commented Sep 1, 2011

Have you deployed the fix on ? I'm still not redirected to authwebid/post-login.php?webid=... but to https://vm2.localdomain/plugins/authwebid/?webid=...

Or you only fixed it for the error return and not for success return ?


bblfish commented Sep 1, 2011

I did not run my update correctly on the foafssl server and must have tested it on my localhost running instance by mistake yesterday evening. It's running now.

(this is a different bug by the way)

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