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package fixtures
import (
const projectRoot = "../../"
var Suite = &fixtures.Suite{
Lang: "{{.Manifest.Language}}",
Ext: ".ext", // TODO: specify correct file extension for source files in ./fixtures
Path: filepath.Join(projectRoot, fixtures.Dir),
NewDriver: func() driver.Native {
return native.NewDriverAt(filepath.Join(projectRoot, "build/bin/native"), native.UTF8)
Transforms: normalizer.Transforms,
//BenchName: "fixture-name", // TODO: specify a largest file
Semantic: fixtures.SemanticConfig{
BlacklistTypes: []string{
// TODO: list native types that should be converted to semantic UAST
VerifyTokens: []positioner.VerifyToken{
// TODO: list nodes that needs to be checked for token correctness
func Test{{expName .Manifest.Language}}Driver(t *testing.T) {
func Benchmark{{expName .Manifest.Language}}Driver(b *testing.B) {
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