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0.3.2 [2010/05/06]
* A Site now has a locale which also acts as fallback
* the default Templates are tested against the safemode
* the compiled (and safemode-jailed) ERB-Code is cache
* safemode: methods can be explicitly disallowed
* I18n: Section title is now localizable
* make it possible to opt out of early error reporting in the test suite
* articles are shown in correct language on website after being edited in backend
0.3.0 [2010/03/23]
* CKEditor added as a plugin. integration also covers:
- image-upload through CKEditor if Adva::Assets is installed
* Safemode-Plugin added as a separate plugin:
- TemplateHandler "serb" is added
* Added a locale setting for site
* "Change language" drop-down for backend
* in single site mode, the first created site is used by default
* Autodiscovery links (aka atom feeds) for blog index and categories
* Dependencies reduced:
- Adva::Newsletter: dependency on Hpricot removed
- Use activesupport's starts_with? instead of rubyzip's starts_with
* Cells made more robust and cell tracking fixed
* Content Translation Improvements for Articles.
* Testsuite works with Rails 2.3.5 again
* the "show comment" permission is set to author
* Signup link now exists on website
* Keeping things consistent by redirecting to section index after deleting section
* changed the way redirection settings are registered (in the registry) so that
redirection settings can be overridden in host app
* Added user_#{} to html tags to be able to click on a specific user link in integration tests
* cache admin javascript to 'cache/admin/common.js' instead of 'all.js'
* decouple theme asset clearing from page cache expiration
* only use current_controller_namespace for admin area for the moment
* make contact mailer a plugin instead of engine
* contact mails now support passing flash messages as options
* escape html in content/resource helper
* styling of flash-messages tweaked to handle multiline messages
* Added missing locale keys for adva newsletter
* let sections take over the ordering of their contents in the backend
* add font format to default fckeditor toolbar
* add timestamps to sections
* Enabled site.email_notification switch for Adva::Activity [Joseph Ridgway]
* Deprecation warnings of Rails 2.3.5 fixed
* Fixed quoted_role_names to return correct role names for roles with contexes
* Applying patch for validation scope of section permalink [Alan Gutierrez]
* fix user name encoding/decoding in cookies (fixes GitHub Issue 6)
* Newsletter are only accessed in the context of the associated site
* Users are only verified once
* Template extended to change new_rails_defaults-initializer
* adva_cms/application.js is imported properly
* photo commenting does not cause error - fix #230
* Fix frontend JS bug in wiki and make parseuri.js self-contained
* refactorings and fixes for contact mailer
* catch exception in google analytics snippet
* removed JS-Syntax error
* add missing indexes for page caching table
* Fixed cache references insert that was mixing up object id and type [Joseph Ridgway]
* try to prevent race conditions for cached pages/references
0.3.0 [2009/10/30]
* role based access control: new rbac library integrated
- rbac with statically defined permissions and roles
- role hierarchy: superuser->admin->designer->moderator->author->user
- set global roles (roles on sites) for users
* improve adva_comments and assets decoupling from adva_cms
* Permalinks unique by section [Alan Gutierrez]
* Documentation: git_tips.txt []
* Add newsletter breadcrumb when browsing issues/subscriptions
* location of projection-CSS changed
0.2.4 [2009/09/29]
* categories hidden on single article mode
* sections are published by default
* optimistic lock for articles
* optimistic lock for wikipages on backend
* label and help hints for section publishing option
* alternate admin layout tryout from galenking - for fixing ie 7 bugs
* relatively symlinked assets
* updated globalize2
* exposed authenticated?/logged_in? as helper methods
Bug fixes
* Joseph Ridgway's patch for fixing a sql count query with postgresql
* fixed translation scopes for extensible formbuilder
* fixed db migration file to work with postgresql
* fixed optimistic locking with postgresql
0.2.3 [2009/08/28]
* find_by_host returns first site when on single site mode and there is only one site
* added method email_from to a site model
* reset default locale to :en for test environment - in case custom apps set it to something else
* the asset cache of the sites themes is also emptied when clearing the site cache
* controller actions are rescued with error pages on test environment
* expanded with testing plugin so it allows to specify an :if => :condition option for assertions
* Theme#import accepts a pathname
* added tests to verify that 'remember me' functionality works
* moved some help hints from category, set an section forms to sidebar
* replaced find_by_host with find_by_host! for finding a site
* number of stylesheets were reduced by using screen stylesheets as a base stylesheets, these are selectively overridden for projection devices
* projection stylesheets were joined to one file
* help text for email notification option
* updated german locale
* refactored has_many_posts
* refactored all redirect paths to be urls
* mouse over tooltips for pending / published icons
* separate translation keys for 'new password' and 'password' strings
* user cookie is set for all kinds of logins
* controller method write_flash_cookie is now an around_filter so it cannot be cancelled through rendering/redirecting
* password notification does not show info that given email address is not used in the system, this is made so in order to prevent exploit attacks
* section menu is moved upwards to cover the red line on top
* qtips are hidden on unfocus instead of clicking on the tip
* :default_routing_filters context added to functional route tests
* tests are made more independent from the hard coded url format they had previously
* extracted a has_unpublished_ancestor? method from Section#published? method for clarity
* adva_blog has its own blog_articles_controller so that adva_cms engine does not need to know anything about blogs
* refactored bunch of adva_cms, adva_newsletter, adva_themes, adva_user, adva_wiki and adva_forum engines tests and extracted some matchy matchers
* refactored be(1) test matchers to == 1 for improved readability
* require optparse for option parsing
* reverted :max_display_level option for frontend menus
* helper method perma_host removed from install controller
* category model method scope_by_set removed and refactored to scope_by_content
* page model method permalinks removed
* removed adva_google_analytics issue initializer and moved it to adva_newsletter
* removed I18n.load_path calls from adva_activity and adva_blog init (not used anymore)
* moved role context initialization for adva_calendar, adva_comments, adva_forum and adva_photos from adva_rbac to their own engines
* removed photo initializer from adva_comments, added comments initializer to adva_photo
* removed check for existance of adva_rbac and adva_blog on admin::base_controller and on base_controller (since they are part of the adva core)
* removed methods perma_host, page_cache_directory and set_cache_root from admin::base_controller
* removed methods spam_info, smap_threshold, ham?, spam?, check_approval and calculate_spaminess from comment model
* removed method admin_site_select_tag from admin::base_helper
* removed method active_li? from base_helper
* removed method link_to_admin from content_helper
* removed legacy method system_email from mailers - use :from attribute instead
* custom url_for is only used for hashes on url_for_returning.rb
* removed reset_session_except private method from session_controller
* plugins link is not anymore shown on site settings
* routing_filter plugin updated
* only files on cached folder and files with cached_ word are removed when theme asset cache is emptied
* around_filter renamed to after_filter
* refactored blog_specific functionality out of adva_cms engine
* functional tests assert http status instead of raised exceptions
* moved scopes to more approriate locations on category, content, photo models and category initializer
* tests: keep existing themes and only clear th tmp dir in relevant tests
* tests are made more flexible so it easier to adopt them for client apps
* user#last_name for integration tests is not used anymore because it isn't required field and might be omitted in client apps
* min-width used for admin/section_menu instead of width
* tests for user and photos are more relaxed in favor of client apps
Bug fixes:
* rubypants fixed and updated
* fixed the cancel link on theme file edit page
* fixed text filter to work with translated columns
* fixed hast_filter to work with upcased text
* adva_newsletter test actually tried to open an URI - this is now stubbed
* fixed force_html routing filter to work with root_urls
* confirmation code fields not shown if user is logged in on password/edit
* only set section_id for page cache references if section is actually set
* adva-cms mailer initializer fixed
* fixed broken set_user_cookie! api
* cookies are only set when user is available
* building a menu path for unsaved sections prevented
* fixed adva_url_history
* articles_controller.current_resource: current resource is the section when the section is in single_article_mode
* [action]_url methods are now passing the :only_path option
* Improved cache_references plugin to not overwrite existing references when calling caches_page_with_references/tracks_cache_references again.
* fixed a bug with filtering set path on admin area with locale on url
* cell support for fckeditor fixed
0.2.2 [2009/07/31]
Features & Changes
* Added Projection stylesheet
* Added preset values for sites new form
* Added account model to adva_user
* Added base account controller
* Added :max_display_level option for menu rendering
* Section and category titles are translatable
* Contact mailer accepts custom ids and classes
* Contact mailer accepts headers
* Unified file upload locations between single site and multi site
* Added tons of help hints
* Email notifications can be switched on/off per site level
* adva-newsletter, plain text issues
* Theme importing is more robust, adva-theme is able to find them from little more deeply nested zip file
* Section new for has a parent select box
* Theme file names are unique
* Multiple theme files can be uploaded at the same time
* Added generator metatag
* adva_newsletter uses registry instead of adva_config
* made contact mailer form builder ruby 1.9 compatible
* Rewriting of contact mailer
* improvements on set and category filtering
* parent categories show contents of the child categories
* adva_newsletter mailer content type changed
* added double label css style
* index help tips moved to sidebar
* improved author selection on content edit
* adva_newsletter, removed nokogiri and addressable in favor of hpricot
Bug fixes:
* Fixed failing JS test for adva_assets
* Fixed internal server error for asset widget search.
* Fixed adva_google_analytics migration
* Fixed contact mailer form
* Fixed bug with contact mailer and empty select field
* Fixed migrate titles rake task
* Fixed categories routing filter
* Fixed bug with invalid email on adva-cms installation
* Fixed bug with viewing nested categories on frontend
* Fixed bug with article filtering with unpublished flag
* Fixed globalize bug with nested set
* Increased the size of file body on theme file edit
* Sections work with umlauts
* Fixed css for hint form fields on forms
* Fixed problem with theme assets cache on production environment
* Re-ordering of sections, categories and sets is more visible
* caching of css disabled for production
0.1.1 [2009/02/18]
Second release.
0.1.0 [2009/01/19]
First release.