Pusher (http://www.pusherapp.com) Client for Clojure
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#Pusher Client for Clojure

This library provides access to Pusher API from Clojure.


Make sure you have Leiningen installed.

lein deps && lein jar


Library can be installed as a dependency from Clojars


(:use 'pusher)

(with-pusher-auth ["my-pusher-app-id" "my-pusher-key" "my-pusher-secret"]
  (with-pusher-channel "test_channel"
    (trigger "my_event" {:data "helloworld"}))))

or with credentials set permanently

(alter-var-root (var *pusher-app-id*)
  (constantly "my-pusher-app-id"))
(alter-var-root (var *pusher-key*)
  (constantly "my-pusher-key"))
(alter-var-root (var *pusher-secret*)
  (constantly "my-pusher-secret"))
(alter-var-root (var *pusher-channel*)
  (constantly "test_channel"))

(trigger "my_event" {:data "helloworld"})


Copyright (c) 2010 Bartosz Blimke. See LICENSE for details.