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## Credits
+The initial lines of this project were written during New Bamboo [Hack Day](
Thanks to my fellow [Bambinos]( for all the great suggestions!
+People who submitted patches and new features or suggested improvements. Many thanks to these people:
+* Ben Pickles
+* Mark Evans
+* Ivan Vega
+* Piotr Usewicz
+* Nick Plante
+* Nick Quaranto
+* Diego E. "Flameeyes" Pettenò
+* Niels Meersschaert
+* Mack Earnhardt
+* Arvicco
+* Sergio Gil
+* Jeffrey Jones
+* Tekin Suleyman
+* Tom Ward
+* Nadim Bitar
+## Background
Thank you Fakeweb! This library was inspired by [FakeWeb](
-I took couple of solutions from that project. I also copied some code i.e Net:HTTP adapter.
+I imported some solutions from that project to WebMock. I also copied some code i.e Net:HTTP adapter.
Fakeweb architecture unfortunately didn't allow me to extend it easily with the features I needed.
I also preferred some things to work differently i.e request stub precedence.

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