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Commits on Aug 15, 2012
  1. Version 1.8.9

    committed Aug 15, 2012
  2. Added support for Addressable >= 2.3.0. Addressable 2.3.0 removed sup…

    committed Aug 15, 2012
    …port for multiple query value notations and broke backwards compatibility.
Commits on Aug 14, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #201 from bblimke/prefer_super

    committed Aug 14, 2012
    Prefer super to alias method chain.
Commits on Aug 13, 2012
  1. @myronmarston

    Prefer super to alias method chain.

    myronmarston committed Aug 12, 2012
    WebMock was using alias method chain in lots of situations where it didn't need to, since most of the adapters subclass the HTTP client.
Commits on Aug 7, 2012
  1. @myronmarston

    Clear cached webmock response in HTTPClient instance.

    myronmarston committed Aug 6, 2012
    When the a request was not stubbed, the `nil` value of the webmock response was
    being cached in the `webmock_responses` hash. Then, when a second request was 
    made with the same HTTPClient instance and an identical signature, it was not 
    checking for a stub again, even though there may have been one for the second request (e.g. when using a global stub hook or if another stub is registered between the 1st and 2nd requests).
    Fixes myronmarston/vcr#190.
Commits on Jul 23, 2012
  1. Bump version to 1.8.8

    committed Jul 24, 2012
  2. Merge pull request #190 from bblimke/nil_response_body

    committed Jul 23, 2012
    Fix Net::HTTP adapter so that it returns `nil` for an empty body response.
  3. Revert "Merge pull request #178 from HendrikW/master"

    committed Jul 24, 2012
    This reverts commit 36aff46, reversing
    changes made to 1e61a8c.
  4. Merge pull request #178 from HendrikW/master

    committed Jul 23, 2012
    Net:HTTP adapter tries to close connection two times and throws error
  5. Merge pull request #194 from kjg/request_pattern_charset

    committed Jul 23, 2012
    request_pattern should handle content_types that specify a charset
  6. Merge pull request #192 from chatgris/em-http-proxy

    committed Jul 23, 2012
    Fix EventMachine::HttpRequest on proxy method.
  7. @jonleighton

    Fix em-http-request callback triggering

    jonleighton committed Jul 23, 2012
    Previously, if there were other EM::Deferred callbacks registered, they
    might execute before WebMock's callback and raise an exception. This
    would prevent the WebMock callback ever running, even though there was a
    successful request.
    Overriding set_deferred_status prevents this by triggering WebMock's
    callbacks before running any of the EM::Deferred callbacks.
    Sorry, I have no idea how to test this.
Commits on Jul 12, 2012
  1. @kjg
Commits on Jul 11, 2012
  1. Fix EventMachine::HttpRequest on proxy method.

    chatgris committed Jul 11, 2012
    Caused by
    Signed-off-by: chatgris <>
Commits on Jun 12, 2012
  1. @myronmarston

    Fix Net::HTTP adapter so that it returns `nil` for an empty body resp…

    myronmarston committed Jun 11, 2012
    This mirrors the real behavior of Net::HTTP and is the source of myronmarston/vcr#173.
    A couple things to note:
    - Rather than hitting an external URL (, this should probably
      hit the local webmock server; however, I can't figure out how to make the
      webmock server return a different response for different requests since it's
      writing directly to the socket w/o any request context available. Maybe it
      should be refactored to use rack or sinatra?
    - I have no idea why, but Curb is returning a 400 Bad Request response for
      the request. Weird. Not sure why or how to fix it.
Commits on May 17, 2012
  1. @jonleighton

    Clone the URI before mutating it.

    jonleighton committed May 17, 2012
    The #build_request_signature method was mutating the URI if there were
    any @req.query options. This means that if the request does actually get
    sent, em-http-request appends the query to the URI a second time, and
    the parameters are repeated.
    For example:'').get(:query => { :a => '1' })
    would result in the follow URI being used for a live request:
Commits on May 12, 2012
  1. Bump to version 1.8.7

    committed May 12, 2012
  2. webmock/rspec checks whether rspec/expectations is already loaded by …

    committed May 12, 2012
    …checking if RSpec::Expectations::ExpectationNotMetError is defined. This is required for compatibility with RSpec 2.10.0.
Commits on Apr 28, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #176 from oestrich/master

    committed Apr 28, 2012
    Add missing required rack environment key
Commits on Apr 26, 2012
  1. @HendrikW

    called start_with_request without a block, because as Net:HTTP's star…

    HendrikW committed Apr 27, 2012
    …t method description says, it will open AND close a connection if start is called with a block. In this case Net:HTTP then later tries to close that same connection again if the server's response has "Connection: close" in its header. In that case Net:HTTP will throw an IOError.
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
  1. @oestrich
Commits on Apr 23, 2012
  1. @bleything
Commits on Apr 4, 2012
  1. Bump version to 1.8.6

    committed Apr 4, 2012
  2. Merge pull request #172 from oestrich/fix_to_rack_port

    committed Apr 4, 2012
    Pass through SERVER_PORT when stubbing to rack
Commits on Apr 2, 2012
  1. @oestrich

    Pass through SERVER_PORT when stubbing to rack

    oestrich committed Apr 2, 2012
    If the server verifies a signature that includes 
    the port, the webmock stub would otherwise make 
    the request invalid
Commits on Mar 30, 2012
  1. Bump to version 1.8.5

    committed Mar 30, 2012
  2. @jugyo
Commits on Mar 19, 2012
  1. Bump to version 1.8.4

    committed Mar 20, 2012
Commits on Mar 17, 2012
Commits on Mar 15, 2012
  1. Bump version to 1.8.3

    committed Mar 15, 2012
Commits on Mar 13, 2012
  1. @thoughtless
Commits on Mar 7, 2012
  1. Update to version 1.8.2

    committed Mar 7, 2012
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