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Commits on Jun 05, 2011
@jcf jcf Move specs in to spec/webmock cdcfc77
@jcf jcf Require spec_helper using RSpec magic 760cd1e
@jcf jcf Expand custom spec helper file paths 6d3d1c9
@jcf jcf WIP: Commit some file moves to fix quality_spec f6e41f4
@jcf jcf Add a warning to the read me f3b9938
Commits on Jun 08, 2011
@jcf jcf Add rake to gemspec c25074f
Commits on Jul 03, 2011
@zdennis zdennis Add support for :allow to take in hosts with ports.
* Added WebMockServer to run for specs. It relies on stdlib accessible libraries.
* Ensure the WebMockServer has a response body otherwise em-http-request thinks its an error even if the Content-Length is 0

@jcf jcf Rename webmock to web_mock internally 529bc6a
@jcf jcf Rename webmock to web_mock internally ce2c8b5
@jcf jcf Move .rvmrc to .rvmrc.example
You can copy .rvmrc.example to .rvmrc if you want to use, but we won't
force you to use a particular version of Ruby or a gemset if you don't
want to.
@jcf jcf Add myself to authors in gemspec 924a87b
@jcf jcf Move adapter specs in to spec/web_mock/adapters f953402
@jcf jcf Add RDiscount to local dev dependencies 78c8ab6
@jcf jcf Add LICENSE to Yard docs 5db8d3e
@jcf jcf Remove RDoc tasks 2ca867b
@jcf jcf Move spec files to match renamed web_mock e737952
@jcf jcf Add Travis build status image to read me eaf5347
@jcf jcf Add useful links to read me dd83143
@jcf jcf Add some planned features to the road map abb2686
@jcf jcf Organise dependencies adding Cucumber and Aruba e5b1ebb
@jcf jcf Add some features and setup guard-cucumber 7a8b9c6
@jcf jcf Add some relish files b4293fe
@jcf jcf Remove empty .nav file because it crashes relish fee6caa
@jcf jcf Rename the only feature we have (at the moment) 4273387
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