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Mocking ruby-git fail #229

zedtux opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Hi @bblimke,

This ticket is not really a bug report, but more a support request.

I would like to mock git connection for a project using schacon's ruby-git gem.
Unfortunately this gem is simply a Ruby wrapper for the git command, so webmock is not able to block it.

Is there a way to have webmock blocking it?
Otherwise, how could I do to mock it?

I guess the ultimate way is to use RSpec mock/Mocha/RR/... frameworks to mock it, isn't it?


Webmock is to mock http communication in Ruby, not git protocol,
so I'm afraid Webmock won't help you here, and there are no plans for
Webmock to support git.

Probably the best approach will be to mock ruby-git api methods.


Yeah, that's what I'm doing...

Anyway thank you! :-)

@zedtux zedtux closed this
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