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Error when running under Ruby 2.0 p0 #257

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I seem to be getting this error intermittently. Sometimes my tests all pass, other times I get a single failure and still others a dozen failures. Not sure what's going on..

This is a partial stack trace once it hits curb/mock code:

can't dup NilClass
Exception `TypeError' at:
/Users/chetan/tmp/webmock/lib/webmock/util/uri.rb:26:in `dup'
/Users/chetan/tmp/webmock/lib/webmock/util/uri.rb:26:in `heuristic_parse'
/Users/chetan/tmp/webmock/lib/webmock/http_lib_adapters/curb_adapter.rb:85:in `build_request_signature'
/Users/chetan/tmp/webmock/lib/webmock/http_lib_adapters/curb_adapter.rb:59:in `curb_or_webmock'
/Users/chetan/tmp/webmock/lib/webmock/http_lib_adapters/curb_adapter.rb:199:in `perform'
/Users/chetan/tmp/webmock/lib/webmock/http_lib_adapters/curb_adapter.rb:175:in `http'
/Users/chetan/tmp/webmock/lib/webmock/http_lib_adapters/curb_adapter.rb:175:in `http'
/Users/chetan/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p0/gems/curb-0.8.3/lib/curl/easy.rb:282:in `http_get'
/Users/chetan/tmp/webmock/lib/webmock/http_lib_adapters/curb_adapter.rb:181:in `block (2 levels) in <class:WebMockCurlEasy>'

(tmp/webmock = checkout of master as I tried to debug a bit). Same tests work fine in 1.9.3.


All WebMock tests passon Ruby 2.0. Can you please provide more context or a failing example?


FWIW, it works correctly now in ruby-2.0.0-p195. I never did trace down the root cause of this one, but I'm guessing it was in 2.0-p0 somewhere.

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