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Trying to use webmocks and Typhoeus and Embedly gems, but the combination causes issues... #269

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webmock-1.8.11/lib/webmock/http_lib_adapters/typhoeus_hydra_adapter.rb:41:in `remove_after_request_callback': undefined method `global_hooks' for Typhoeus::Hydra:Class (NoMethodError)

(I double posted on the Typhoeus github as well, because I'm not sure where/who causes the issue exactly...)


what version of Typhoeus do you use? I suggest using the latest WebMock and Typhoeus


webmock (1.8.11) and typhoeus (0.6.2)

It seems to bust around here:

def self.remove_after_request_callback
  delete_if {|v| v == AFTER_REQUEST_CALLBACK }

global_hooks doesn't exist in Typhoeus...


Updated Gemfile to webmock ~> 1.9 and it works, closing the issue.
Thanks for the help!

@victorbstan victorbstan closed this
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