Real HTTP connections are disabled in development #336

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Hi, I'm using Rails and RSpec. Even though I have WebMock.allow_net_connect! in my spec_helper, real HTTP connections are still disabled when I manually make non-stubbed API calls in development.

To fix this, I edited the Gemfile and moved gem 'webmock' out of the development group, and only within the test group. It was previously in both the development and test gem groups. I don't know if this is an issue or I'm really expected to only include it in the test group in the Gemfile, despite that I'm allowing real requests to come through.



bblimke commented Nov 23, 2013

WebMock is usually used in the test group, not in development. Sometimes it's useful to use it in development though, i.e to stub external services that can't be accessed in development i.e for security reasons.

Got it. I'll make it a point to just include webmock in the test group and isolate it from the development group. Thanks for writing such an awesome gem!

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